The unused Mastercam Handyman’s Toolbox

One of the many questions I find with Mastercam users is ‘Where do I will find certain features?’ or ‘I keep forgetting where to go when I want to use certain features like:

  • Where is my polygon feature?
  • Where do I go when I want to create a surface from a solid?
  • Is it possible to hide/unhide and entities?
  • Why do I always struggle to find my solids shell feature?

Luckily, Mastercam has a very useful feature that can make a beginner use Mastercam like a PRO.

Firstly, when you look at this example, we see a lot of managers with drop-down options that we can explore to find the features needed to complete a project.

With an everyday busy lifestyle, I sometimes find myself looking for a certain feature and it just seems like I can’t find it on the go.

Let me show you how Mastercam makes life a breeze and saves you a lot of time searching.

Whenever you have at least one Wireframe, Solid, Surface, or with Mastercam 2022 the new Mesh Manager, all you should do, is to select the entity on which you would like to work, then Mastercam will provide you with a new manager with all the necessary features called Tools.

The following picture shows us an example of wireframe Tools.

Here is an example of Solids Tools.

So whenever you create parts in Mastercam, make use of this amazing option for this will make you more productive within Mastercam Design.

Now we can all be a Handyman or even a Handywoman with Mastercam.

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