Safety First: Part Avoidance

Any CNC operator knows the danger of torch collision with cut parts, has experienced excessive cut times due to inefficient head-down paths and wants to avoid potential tip-ups. SigmaNEST has accounted for all of these and with Part Avoidance, addresses each and more. Any motion that does not involve cutting is a wasted movement. Thus Part Avoidance minimises the chance of crashing into cut parts which may be sticking out above the sheet, allows head-down movement over uncut material, all … Read More

History of CNC Machines

Way back in 1992, I started working in my first machine shop at a company called Expertool CC. I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. As I walked into the toolroom I noticed all the fancy standard Milling machines with their DROs and I was blown away when I saw their first 3 Axis CNC Milling machine still being unwrapped on the shop floor! But it would still be another year before I would grab a hold … Read More

Incremental vs absolute in Mastercam 2020

When working with most 2D milling toolpath on Mastercam 2020 (Contour, drilling, dynamic mill, etc.) the last thing to be set when creating a toolpath is the depth of the operation in the Linking Parameters tab. This rather easy parameter can get quite confusing when it comes to the options of Absolute, Incremental and Associative. But what are these options, what do they do to my toolpath and how could I use them to not only improve the effectiveness of … Read More

Parts cutting too big or too small!

How often do you measure the geometry of your parts after you have nested and cut? it is crucial in the precision manufacturing industry to check that the external & internal contours of the part are not cutting too large or too small. The answer lies with one of these 3 solutions: 1. Check your consumables on your machine, make sure they are not worn out or damaged. 2. If you are calculating the Kerf compensation on your machine control, … Read More

A Decade in Review

2009 – 2019 The topic today is kind of unique since it is exactly, 10 years that I’ve been with Mecad Systems. A lot can change in 10 years like our newly established, Mecad Manufacturing. Mecad is the only organization in South Africa that offers a complete engineering software solution with global, market leading programs from design to manufacturing. Now, going back to the past is not exactly best practice and you should always look to the future but, the … Read More

Data Storage and Integration with SigmaNEST

We live in an era where majority of business data is captured electronically in ERP and MRP systems on a day to day basis. The challenge we are sitting with is whether this data is firstly being captured correctly or even being captured at all. Secondly, we need to be able to extract valuable information fast. But thirdly we need to be able to display the data in an understandable and readable view so that business decisions can be made … Read More

You can change how Mastercam 2020 starts up.

Startup commands give users the ability to control licensing. Changes can made manually by editing the startup icon or by running the Mastercam Launcher Right-click the Mastercam startup icon, select Properties and edit the Target line. The standard Target line for Mastercam 2020 is: C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\Mastercam.exe At the end of the Target line, simply add a space and slash (“ /”), then the command. Repeat for multiple commands. Example: Customer license with Wire, Lathe, and Router not enabled (all … Read More

Missing Parts

Parts missing from parts list If all or some of your parts seem to be missing from the Parts List, here are a few ways to get them back. The most common reasons for this issue are that you are connecting to the same parts from multiple versions of SigmaNEST or you have not subdivided your parts folder, and have too many parts stored in a single folder. Rebuild the parts index In every folder in which SigmaNEST parts are stored, … Read More

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