SigmaTUBE is the industry’s most powerful tube-cutting solution, seamlessly integrated inside of SOLIDWORKS.
Designed for tube-cutting laser and plasma machines, SigmaTUBE offers automatic linear nesting for round pipe, rectangular tube, channel, I-Beam, and many more profiles.

Because SigmaTUBE is an add-in module to the SOLIDWORKS design interface, experienced CAD programmers will find it intuitive and easy to use.
From creating parts to generating NC code, every aspect of the programming process is completed within SOLIDWORKS.
This eliminates time-consuming exports and the need for a secondary CAM software.

SigmaTUBE can also automate many of your machine functions such as tapping, repositioning, and chucking.
Bevel cuts are automatically processed, and common line cutting can be applied to many different profiles.

Parts and assemblies can be created natively inside SOLIDWORKS or imported from other external systems like AutoDesk Inventor, SolidEdge, ACIS (SAT), IGES, and many others.
Automatic toolpath sequencing is applied to the part and NC code can be generated for most major 4 or 5-axis tube machines including Alltra, Amada, Hankwang, Mazak, Mitsubishi, and Trumpf.*

By combining intelligent feature recognition, powerful orientation modifications for 4 and 5-axis machines, automatic toolpath generation, and versatile automatic
nesting engines for tubes, SigmaTUBE stands above the rest in efficiency, automation, and integration.

New SigmaTUBE X1.6 Features:

New HD TrueShape Nesting Engine

The new HD TrueShape nesting engine takes parts with similar contours and nests them within each other, creating two parts with one common cut.
The engine will automatically override kerf settings when it detects a part with similar contours that could be nested together, saving time and waste.

Expanded Hole/Bend Options

You can now choose from new options when creating holes and bend reliefs for a new part.

  • Broken Round: Cuts off part of the hole, leaving a straight line on one side.
  • Key: Extends the hole with a semi-circle in a key-like shape.
  • Banana: A crescent-like hole with an adjustable angle.
  • V-Section: These are placed at certain spots to aid in bend relief.

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