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Reporting In SigmaNEST


Are you using your SigmaNEST to its full potential? Are you generating reports where-ever you can?

One useful feature within the SigmaNEST software is its reporting capabilities. SigmaNEST provides the ability to print, edit, and save reports and is a valuable tool to print organized information about tasks and parts.

Reports are customizable by user and can be created from scratch or default reports can be used and changed to customer preferences.

There are numerous reports that SigmaNEST users can choose from such as nest details, part details, part label reports, and detailed work orders.




SigmaNEST reports are customizable and can add features such as bar codes, custom logos, change colour fields for specific jobs or parts and display data that is specific for any job.

Reports can display nest previews and part ID’s, allowing users and customers to view the nest layout and each individual part that was used. Users can report data on cutting times, cost estimates, pierce times, pierce counts, and number of parts used. Reports can also show the status of each work order, allowing users to keep track of work order data within each nest or part.

By improving your reports, you are taking one of the first steps to improving your productivity and traceability.

Should you feel your reports are not up to scratch or feel there is a certain report you would like please feel free to contact the friendly SigmaNEST Support team in 012 645 4300 or email us on

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