Old Mastercam vs New Mastercam

Have you ever wondered why Mastercam users tend to stick to the same old version instead of moving to the latest available version?

This is a common situation we find in the industry of Manufacturing and Engineering today.

Sometimes it is the belief of “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” or in some cases it is the cost of moving to the latest. Maybe it is simply just about the transition or the time it takes on learning something new.

These are all genuine points that companies face and, in some cases, a good reason for not choosing to go the latest new versions.

Today I want to share some insight into what I have experienced through the years and what I believe is my honest opinion to old vs new.

How many of you can truthfully say you would not get a new phone when your contract expires?

If you could get a brand-new car every year by simply paying a small fee annually would you do it?

I can tell you right now, I would be first in line.

Now, I know I have branched off from Software a little, but have you ever wondered why we are all quick to get the next best phone or car or some form of technology which does not even make us money, when in fact we lose money. I have a pretty good idea of why I do. It is because it is better than the previous stuff I had.

Mastercam have for some years, taken what the worlds Mastercam’s users ask for in the customer feedback program and best implemented it into the latest software while trying to keep existing users comfortable with all the changes.

This would undoubtedly come with huge challenges but Mastercam has shown us time and time again that good becomes great and great becomes what is arguably the best CAD/CAM software on the market today.

Let us ask ourselves this question, if you invested in Mastercam to better the Manufacturing or Engineering sector of your company or if your version of Mastercam was the only thing able to ensure parts were produced effectively, would you not want to have the latest version for even better results?

Here are some great opportunities to help you make deciding easier.

Mastercam opened a portion of its Mastercam University classes during the beginning of last years pandemic. This was to allow everyone working from home an opportunity to see how easy the newer versions of Mastercam are to use and even a chance for existing users to refresh their skills.

Mastercam has since announced they will extend this incentive for another additional 6 months till the end of July 2021.

You can sign up with this link https://signup.mastercam.com/free-mastercam-training

If you are interested in how the latest version of Mastercam can benefit your company or if you would like to get away from the old and in with the new. You can contact us on any of the below platforms.

Website  https://mecadmfg.co.za/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/18244075/admin/

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