Missing Parts

Parts missing from parts list

If all or some of your parts seem to be missing from the Parts List, here are a few ways to get them back. The most common reasons for this issue are that you are connecting to the same parts from multiple versions of SigmaNEST or you have not subdivided your parts folder, and have too many parts stored in a single folder.

Rebuild the parts index

In every folder in which SigmaNEST parts are stored, there will be a SNIndex.ind file. This index file stores all the information from part files contained in that folder, so SigmaNEST only must load that index file instead of every individual part. This file will automatically update with every change to the parts list, but if it does not, you can rebuild the file from within SigmaNEST

  • Use Ctrl + F to search SigmaNEST functions.
  • Type “rebuild” and select the Rebuild Index action.
  • Click Yes to confirm the rebuild. This may take some time, depending on the size of your parts library.

If that method fails, you can rebuild the index manually:

  • Open Windows Explorer to your …\SNDATA\Parts folder.
  • Find the .ind file and delete it.
  • In SigmaNEST, open the Parts List to regenerate that file, which again may take some time.
  • Repeat these steps if your parts are contained in multiple folders or subfolders, as there is only one index file per folder.

Check that you have the correction version of SigmaNEST

Parts created in SigmaNEST are not backwards compatible. That means if you create a part in the newest version of the software, but your co-worker is running an older version of SigmaNEST, then your co-worker will not be able to find or open any parts you have created and saved. Additionally, because multiple versions of SigmaNEST are reading and writing o the same index file, the Parts List may not be view-able for any users. Ensure that after you upgrade, everyone else using the Parts List has also upgraded to the same version and service pack of SigmaNEST.

Make sure the .prs files aren’t missing

Finally, make sure the actual part file(s) (.prs) aren’t missing from that folder. You can quickly verify this by looking at the current part path in the Parts List window’s title bar.

Copy the path, then paste it into Windows Explorer to navigate to that same location on your computer or network. If that location does not contain the specific part files that are needed, you need to adjust the Part Path in the Configuration.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, or you have additional questions, please reach out to our support team for further troubleshooting.