Integrate, Automate and Dominate

As a Manufacturing company, you know what it feels like to be pressed for time, to make sure all processes are correct and in place. Lastly, to ensure that everyone is on par and knows what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions we get from our Customers:

  • Am I costing this project correctly?
  • I don’t know if I have the capacity to do the project?
  • Have I planned correctly?
  • Do I have enough stock, time, and manpower to complete this project in time?

Mecad Manufacturing knows what a mammoth task it can be to run a shop floor like a well-oiled machine, let us help!

Your only unanswered question may be, “How?!”

Well, it is called – Integrate, Automate and Dominate


What is meant by Integration?
Integration can be a broad discussion with limitless capabilities, but it always starts with one question.

What do you want to Integrate? 
Every company has its obstacles that pose daily challenges which may seem repetitive and take unnecessary time and effort.

For example:
Re-capturing a quote that turned into an order in your accounting package,
Updating your customer base from one software package to another,
Managing your stock between separate software packages.

Mecad Manufacturing has the expertise to help you lighten the daily repetitive workload by integrating processes that lead towards, Automation!


Automation is the seamless flow of one process into another without manual interference. Automation ensures an increase in productivity, a reduction in time spent, accompanied by a smaller margin of error. Automating processes can also be unique to the business process of the individual company/shop floor.

Mecad Manufacturing has many solutions at hand that will automate processes, which will save you time and therefore increase productivity, which directly leads to increased profits!


We all know it can be an ‘eat or be eaten world’ out there, especially during these tough times we currently find ourselves in. That is where Dominating becomes an essential aspect to being truly successful. Your product quality and the on-time delivery of that product speak volumes of your company.

We at Mecad Manufacturing want to help you dominate your shop floor so that you can spend more time dominating your market.