A Decade in Review

2009 – 2019

The topic today is kind of unique since it is exactly, 10 years that I’ve been with Mecad Systems. A lot can change in 10 years like our newly established, Mecad Manufacturing.

Mecad is the only organization in South Africa that offers a complete engineering software solution with global, market leading programs from design to manufacturing.

Now, going back to the past is not exactly best practice and you should always look to the future but, the real purpose of this, is for me to share how I’ve seen some of our products change for the better in the past 10 years.

Joining the applications team in 2009 started with saying goodbye to the Mastercam X3 product. Lucky for me a better version was next in line for the next year or so.

Mastercam X versions worked well for its time, our users will even mention what their favourite versions were or still are but, once you become good at something you tend to stick to what you know. It’s called the comfort zone.

The thing is, time tends to catch up with us all eventually, even when we talk about Mastercam, a product which has been going strong for 36 years, needs to keep up with the times.

Windows operating systems tend to improve and change frequently thus the software having to follow suit.

Sometimes we get frustrated with these changes, why? Well, that’s because we get moved from our comfort zone.

If we look forward, we will see it accommodates for quicker, better results or faster programming and so on.

This has been proven year on year on year.

Some of the highlights, in no particular order.

  • Mastercam X4 introduces Dynamic Mill.
  • Multi-thread processing.
  • Mastercam Solids included in all packages.
  • Mastercam X9 facelift.
  • Dynamic solid creation.
  • Mastercam Dynamic toolpaths a new revolution in machining.
  • Mastercam for Solidworks Mill 2D 3D, Lathe and Multi Axis.
  • Mastercam 2017 this is the version in which Mastercam introduced

a completely new redesign on the user interface. This was to ensure, ease of use and similar territory as your programs like Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint that people would use daily. Not only did it look different, but it also opens doors to new possibilities, functionality and advanced technologies like Industry 4.0  

  • Dynamic Lathe toolpaths.
  • Mastercam Mill Turn environments with over 10 different brands

The list can go on for ever if we look at all the details but, the real truth is, Mastercam has improved so much over the last 10 years that the things we consider pointless now, played an important role in getting Mastercam where it is today.

Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead embrace it, it only gets better.