Distribution Changes – Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition (HLE)

To improve our lead-generation capabilities, we are changing the way Mastercam Demo/HLE will be distributed. Beginning next week, it will be available to anyone who requests it by providing their contact information in an online form, and our marketing efforts will include initiatives to drive prospects to this form.
When a request is made, an email with a temporary link to download Mastercam Demo/HLE will be sent. Intended for personal use, these links will expire after 48 hours to curtail public sharing. The contact information of anyone requesting Mastercam Demo/HLE will be recorded as a lead and provided to Resellers for follow up.
Here is an outline of the process:
Step 1: A person enters contact information in the request form for Mastercam Demo/HLE.
Step 2: This person is recorded as a lead.
Step 3: An email is sent to the lead with a temporary link to download Mastercam Demo/HLE.
Step 4: The lead is assigned to a Reseller.
Step 5: If the original email is not opened before the temporary link expires, a second email will be sent prompting the download of Mastercam Demo/HLE with a new temporary link.
Step 6: The Reseller follows up with the lead to answer questions and offer assistance, training, and so on to establish the relationship and foster sales.
We’re changing the way we distribute Mastercam Demo/HLE – and we’re asking you to do the same.
There are several uses for this software including student training, customer practice, and prospect evaluation. To help identify who is using it and why, please replace any links to download Mastercam Demo/HLE with this link: http://mastercam-3375755.hs-sites.com/demo-hle.