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Mastercam Education Summit Featured New Project-Based Learning Curriculum and Much More

Due to the Pandemic, we sadly had to cancel the 2020 Mastercam Education Summit that was set to take place in June. Instead of ignoring it completely, we want to look back at last year’s event for ongoing inspiration. Bringing together teachers from all around North America for training and fellowship is such a fun and rewarding part of the work our Education team performs. We look forward to the days we can meet again in person to share our … Read More

6 Top Features in Solid Sweep

Recent releases of Mastercam have implemented some big improvements to the Sweep function within the Solid Modeling function. Prior to these releases, Sweep operations required a fillet between entities on the Along curve when there was a change in direction of more than 5 degrees. Sweep is ideal for cylindrical-shaped parts. Fixtures, propeller blades, door handles, wheel spokes, exhaust pipes, and engine ports are some examples. We want to make sure you are taking advantage of the newfound flexibility, efficiency, … Read More

Moldmaking Challenges and Mastercam Solutions

Kip Hanson, Contributing Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, interviewed Ben Mund, Senior Market Analyst at CNC Software, Inc., for an article entitled “Meeting Moldmaking Challenges.” The discussion touched upon how designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds is a difficult way to earn a living. Of all the different manufacturing disciplines, plastic injection moldmaking is perhaps the most challenging. The good news is that help is here. Mold design carries its own set of unique challenges. Part accuracies are best measured in … Read More

Manufacturing Skills Training Builds Pipeline for In-Demand Trades

One surefire way to address manufacturing’s skills gap problem is to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers. The Technology & Manufacturing Assocation (TMA) in Schaumburg, Illinois, is helping to lead that effort in the Midwest through state-of-the-art training for in-demand skilled trades. TMA, founded in 1925 as the Tool and Die Institute, serves as a resource for more than 1,000 Midwest manufacturers and 30,000 manufacturing employees. TMA offers members a full slate of manufacturing skills instruction in tool-and-die making, mold-making and CNC … Read More

CAD/CAM Software Is Key to Industrial Support

Robbie Fowler, President of Hi-Tech Machining Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina, says his company’s focus is “industrial support”. Hi-Tech takes on some of the most unique, highly specialized projects in the manufacturing industry. Clients rely on the advanced shop for designing, machining, and repairing custom parts and molds. The first step in manufacturing any of their products is creating a program from the customer-provided model. Unfortunately, it is common for the customer not to have a model at all. The programming team … Read More

Prevent Costly Machine Errors with Simulation

Our senior market analyst, Ben Mund, contributed to an article by Patrick Waurzyniak, contributing editor at SME Media, published in Manufacturing Engineering about Simulation. You can read Simulation Software For Error-Free Metalcutting to learn about the latest CAD/CAM simulation packages. You’ll find useful information about recent trends and developments for faster, more accurate simulations, simulation’s expanding reach, increased machining complexity, machine and process validation, and simulation for Industry 4.0. It’s a great article to learn about options to prevent costly programming errors … Read More

Mastercam Empowers Dynamic Educational Program

A prestigious Mechanical Engineering Technology program is located at the School of Engineering and Technology on a shared campus, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Until recently, this program used little online material and concentrated on a traditional curriculum of classroom lectures and practical projects. “The direction we wanted to go in,” said Ed Herger, Program Lecturer, “was to provide more CAM experience as well as online and external certificate opportunities. This meant concentrating on Mastercam and the online benefits of Mastercam University, which … Read More


Say goodbye to headaches caused by using simulation software that doesn’t take any and all robotic errors into account before you run the simulation! How? Robotmaster has been designed to put the user in complete control of the entire process. Simply import the CAD model of your part and create your path with a ‘click’. Robotmaster creates perfect robot trajectories quickly without costly and tedious iterations. Select your operation, tool and robot. Assign your set-up. Done! Robotic path planning is … Read More

Guest Blogger and Manufacturing Instructor Larry Farrell Shares Insight

The following article was contributed by a manufacturing instructor with decades of experience. He shared some of his wisdom, insight, and tips and tricks related to tech education to keep students engaged and prepare them for life outside of school—with practical experience gaining real-world skills. My name’s Larry Farrell, and I’ve been teaching technology education for 25 years now. For several years, I taught computer-aided design (CAD), basic mechanical engineering, and architecture. From there, I moved into teaching Transportation/Automotive and … Read More

5 Questions You Should Be Asking About Industry 4.0 and CAD/CAM Software

Industry 4.0 promises a new era in connectivity that is already making an impact on the world of manufacturing. To help you gain a better understanding about what this means for your organization, check out Industry 4.0 and CAD/CAM Software: Five Questions. To remain competitive, it is important that we stay curious and we stay informed as technology continues to advance. In this Viewpoints article that was published in Manufacturing Engineering magazine, Mastercam’s senior market analyst provides an overview of questions … Read More

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