SigmaNEST logo: The emblem of SigmaNEST, symbolizing advanced solutions for sheet metal nesting and fabrication.

SigmaNEST, a cutting-edge sheet metal nesting and fabrication solution, optimizes material use, reduces waste, and boosts production efficiency.

With over 18,000 installations worldwide, it’s a top-choice nesting software, minimizing waste and enhancing productivity. This CAD/CAM software streamlines CNC profile cutting, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

SigmaNEST offers robust manufacturing resource planning solutions and shop floor automation for peak production efficiency. Its proprietary nesting engines, developed by a team of experts, provide unmatched material utilization.

Compatible with all machine types, SigmaNEST is versatile and scalable, meeting your needs today and into the future.

So, whether you run a small workshop or a large-scale manufacturing facility, SigmaNEST can customize a solution to meet your unique requirements and manufacturing challenges.

Elevate your business operations with SigmaNEST today!

Smart Factory Automation

Shop Floor Integration

Cross Brand CNC Control

  • SigmaNEST
    Powered by the industry’s most advanced nesting algorithms, SigmaNEST drives nearly every type of cutting, punching, and bending machine
  • SigmaMRP
    SigmaNEST developed a Manufacturing Resource Planning solution for the fabrication industry after identifying the need for a flexible software solution that does not involve a lengthy or coslty implementation.
  • SigmaNEST Color Offload
    In a fabrication shop, mixing work orders saves time and material, but also creates the potential for error when unloading and sorting parts.
  • SigmaNEST Load Manager
    In a fabrication environment, managing the production schedule is the key to responding to new contracts, meeting deadlines, and maintaining flexibility by running the right machines at the right time.

  • SigmaNEST SimTrans
    SimTrans is an online transaction manager that bridges the communication gap between SigmaNEST nesting software and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) systems.
  • SigmaBEND
    SigmaBEND offers an offline programming system for a wide variety of press brake machines complete with full 3D simulation of the bending process, eliminating the need to run test parts.
  • SigmaNEST Punch
    SigmaNEST Punch basic, for single part nesting, is ideal for environments that utilize single or multiple machine types because it works on all major profile and pucnh and punch combo machines.
  • SigmaTUBE
    As an add-in module for tube-cutting laser and plasma machines, SigmaTUBE offers advanced linear nesting for round, square, rectangular or triangular tube or pipe.
  • Ultimate Visibility and Control.
  • Improved Cost Accuracy.
  • Shop Floor Control.
  • Improved Machine Productivity.

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