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At MECAD Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of business solutions to help you achieve success. Our suite of industry-leading products, including Mastercam, SigmaNEST, SOLIDWORKS, Robotmaster, CIMCO, and Verisurf, is designed to enable your business and take your operations to the next level.

Our offerings cover a range of needs from precision machining and sheet metal optimization to 3D design and efficient robotics. With MECAD Manufacturing, you will have access to tools that streamline your processes, reduce waste, enhance productivity, and boost overall efficiency.

No matter what your business requires, whether you are in manufacturing, design, or quality control, our solutions provide you with the necessary tools to excel in a competitive landscape.

Explore our products and discover how MECAD Manufacturing can equip your business for growth and success.


  • CAD/CAM software tools for all types of programming. From the most basic to extremely complex; 2-axis machining, multi-axis milling and turning and more.
  • Nesting is the process of arranging cutting patterns on raw material in order to minimise waste, reduce fabrication time and increase productivity.
  • Robotmaster CAD/CAM for robots seamlessly integrates off-line programming, simulation and code generation, delivering quick, error-free robot programs.
  • Verisurf disrupts the reverse engineering space and brings alternative manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing to the mainstream.
  • CIMCO develops software and solutions for Computer Integrated Manufacturing thereby driving real-time monitoring and analysis of shop floor productivity by managing, controlling and securely storing all production related data.
  • MECAD Systems provide 3D CAD Solutions and Rendering Software to Help Drive Your Product Development Process.

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