CIMCO is a leading software that offers a range of innovative solutions to businesses. This versatile platform streamlines and enhances various aspects of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

CIMCO’s product portfolio includes CNC Editors, DNC software, Manufacturing Data Collection, and Production Data Management solutions. These tools provide precision, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making for manufacturing operations.

The CNC Editors ensure that machining tasks are carried out with accuracy and speed, while the DNC software facilitates seamless CNC communication, reducing downtime and errors. The Manufacturing Data Collection system enables real-time monitoring and in-depth analysis of shop floor productivity. Lastly, the Production Data Management software simplifies data storage and control.

By embracing CIMCO, businesses can boost their efficiency, productivity, and overall control over the manufacturing process. The platform is trusted by companies worldwide for its ability to improve operations, making it a valuable asset for those striving to excel in the modern world of manufacturing.

Discover the benefits of CIMCO today and unlock the potential for enhanced business operations.

Shopfloor Planning

Machine Communication

CNC Program Simulation and Editing

  • EDIT
    Full-featured NC editor with file-comparer, backplot, solid simulation and basic DNC capabilities.
    Reliable and efficient CNC communication. Supports networking of CNCs, Robots, and PLCs across wireless, Ethernet and RS-232.
    Automatic data collection system with real-time machine monitoring, dashboards, charts, and graphs.
    Organize and manage CNC programs and related production documents. Powerful search functions and DNC capabilities.

  • MDM
    Manage, transfer and access CNC programs, setup sheets, tool lists, pictures and other essential information directly on the shop floor.
  • Machine Simulation
    Simulate CNC machines in a virtual 3D environment to help avoid costly mistakes. ELIMINATE COSTLY PROGRAMMING MISTAKES.
    Draw 2D geometrical contours, lay out toolpaths for mill and lathe, and simulate the resulting NC program.
    The speed and reliability of CIMCO NFS have been proven in thousands of shops under the name ‘Heidenhain NFS’.

    The speed and reliability of CIMCO NFS have been proven in thousands of shops under the name ‘Heidenhain NFS’.