Data type mismatch in criteria expression part II

This Month’s Technical Blog follows the previous Blog Monica Pieterse did. Microsoft products and report printing not working after SigmaNEST upgrade? If your Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) has stopped working after an upgrade of your SigmaNEST software, or if you are getting an Access Violation or External Exception error when trying to print reports within SigmaNEST, it may be because of an incompatibility between 64-bit SigmaNEST and 32-bit Microsoft products. To solve these issues: Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010, 64-bit to a folder on … Read More

Safety First: Part Avoidance

Any CNC operator knows the danger of torch collision with cut parts, has experienced excessive cut times due to inefficient head-down paths and wants to avoid potential tip-ups. SigmaNEST has accounted for all of these and with Part Avoidance, addresses each and more. Any motion that does not involve cutting is a wasted movement. Thus Part Avoidance minimises the chance of crashing into cut parts which may be sticking out above the sheet, allows head-down movement over uncut material, all … Read More