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Renishaw’s Productivity+ and Mastercam – A Quick Checklist for Your Machine

The benefits of adding a Renishaw probe and Productivity+ with Mastercam are many, integrating process control into your CNC programs. Some of the highlights of this setup include: Helping to ensure that a machine process will be successful. Promoting in-process control by using the probe to measure features and update the machining process based on the results obtained. Obtaining reports about the in-process state of a component, and about the decisions that were made when producing it. Creating programs that run entirely … Read More

Saving Files as 3D PDF’s

Saving, sending & opening PDF files on virtually any device, anytime, anywhere has become our new normal. But what if you could save a dynamic PDF file which displays an interactable embedded 3D model? Amongst Mastercam 2021’s many new and improved features we will explore an option for you to save all the currently visible entities and toolpaths in your part as a dynamic 3D PDF as shown in Figure 1. Once saved, anyone can view and interact with that … Read More


How Software Helps Reduce and Use Remnants in Your Shop (Excerpt from an article originally appearing in the Fabricating and Metalworking magazine, written by SigmaTEK’s VP of Engineering, Glenn Durham) One of our family hobbies is cooking and a side effects our many fancy meals is a lot of great leftovers. If you open our refrigerator you will see dozens of containers with bits and pieces left from delicious gourmet dinners. But with so many leftovers, we cannot eat them all! Sometimes a … Read More

Getting Teens Ready for Careers in Manufacturing

Stephen Lindridge is an instructor making a difference. His initiative helped fuel the efforts to transform a lagging shop education program in Candor, New York. He was part of a community effort that resulted in the town’s development of a state-of-the-art technology program teaching Design Drawing for Production, Manufacturing, Applied Physics, Architecture, and Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. You can read all about this powerful transformation in the article, Teaching Teens Manufacturing Technology, published on Woodworking Network online. It includes the benefits … Read More


Forming on a Press Brake used to be relatively simple. Fast forward to today, and the introduction of CNC controls, and more accurate and efficient processes, bring a whole new aspect to bending that operators need to learn. Below are some basic bending techniques used and how our own SigmaBEND product can assist manufacturers to streamline their bending processes. Air Bending, Bottom Bending & Coining Air Bending is the most popular bending method. It uses the three contact points to determine … Read More

Attention Mastercam Users

If you are a Mastercam user, you push the limits of what is possible, and we want to hear from you. We know you have a story to inspire everyone—including your fellow community of engineers, machinists, programmers, and partners. You are Shaping the Future of Manufacturing®. CNC machines are specialized equipment driven to maximum speeds, feeds, and precision by Mastercam software. If your organization is using Mastercam to innovate and improve your manufacturing process, we want to hear from you. Every … Read More

Robotmaster V6.9 is Now Available

The Power of Robotmaster, Taken Further. Robot Programming has never been faster, easier, and more efficient. Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announced the release of Robotmaster® V6.9, its world-leading CAD/CAM based offline robot programming software. Robotmaster V6.9 contains many new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Many of the changes, driven by customer feedback, are designed to continuously improve the software’s CAD/CAM technology and automate programming, to provide users with the specific tools they … Read More

Rapid chain selection in Mastercam 2020

One of Mastercam’s many selection options includes the ability to select chains which have the same geometric shape. The selection feature is exempted from deviations in orientation and has the option to include mirrored versions of the same object. Let us have a look at how this selection process works and how it can quickly speed up your workflow process in Mastercam. In our example, we will use the geometry in Figure 1 below to quickly select matching geometric shapes… … Read More

Rope Thread

When working with lathes, one of the biggest problem customers face when they receive new jobs is if a job requires you to cut Rope Thread. This might not only be just Rope Thread but any custom thread with a thread profile. In the past, rope thread had to be programmed by hand, amounting to a lot of calculation and timely work. At MECAD Manufacturing we tried to solve this problem. With the release of Mastercam 2021, I am glad … Read More

REVIEW // SigmaTek SigmaNest 20

The sheet metal and fabrication industry is one that often meets with a slightly sniffy attitude from other companies in the manufacturing industry. It simply doesn’t get the respect it deserves – from the use of the pejorative term ‘metal bashing’ or the media’s habit of cutting to someone working at a press brake when talking about the manufacturing skills gap. The reality is that sheet metal design, production and fabrication is an advanced world, full of lasers, plasma cutters … Read More

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