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Streamlining CNC Cutting with SigmaNEST

In the fast-paced world of CNC cutting machines, staying ahead of the competition requires cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. To optimise processes, reduce material waste, and enhance productivity, SigmaNEST emerges as the ultimate solution. In this blog, we will explore SigmaNEST’s advanced NC features and focus specifically on Part Avoidance, Auto Bridging, and Pre-Piercing. These features optimise nesting to ensure precision and efficiency in the CNC cutting process. Part Avoidance: Optimising Nesting with Intelligence Part Avoidance is one of SigmaNEST’s … Read More

Mastercam Post Editing

Are you tired of having to call support for post edits in Mastercam? Good news, there are ways to change your NC output without having to edit the Mastercam post itself. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the desired results: G54 work offset: When programming a 4-axis job with multiple sides of a part, the G54 work offset is set to automatically change to the next available offset. However, if the job is rotating around the X-axis, … Read More

Mastercam C-Hooks Explained

Have you ever found yourself doing a tedious task over and over again in Mastercam? Or, have you ever struggled with renaming a post processor, and wished that there was a button that you could click to simplify the task? Well, there might be one! C-Hooks and NET-Hooks are Mastercam Add-In applications that can be created by some Mastercam resellers to extend functionality within Mastercam. Not all CAM packages allow it’s resellers to create applications within it’s software, but Mastercam … Read More

Boost Efficiency with Mastercam – Part 1

Unlocking the full power of Mastercam can offer enormous benefits, from improved accuracy and precision to maximizing efficiency within your machine shop. While many tips are available online on how best to use this software suite, it’s often difficult for users – overwhelmed by too many details. To help you quickly unlock significant gains in productivity with minimal effort we present some essential topics that should be explored as part of any successful optimization process: basic changes, previously unknown options … Read More

A series: Mastercam tips that can drastically improve efficiency 3

EPISODE 3: Training, c-hooks, backups of posts, parts & tool libraries, hardware upgrades 1. Reseller Training at great prices Investing in Mastercam training can have a huge impact on the efficiency and productivity of your workshop. Despite years of use, programmers are prone to developing bad habits that cause time-consuming delays. With advanced instruction from dedicated resellers, you will unlock the full potential of this widely used software system. CNC Software trainers strive to keep their classes up to date … Read More

Boost Efficiency with Mastercam – Part 2

EPISODE 2: Customise ribbons, default settings, custom tools & posts Customising your Ribbon and Right Click Menu Another great option that Mastercam gives us, is access to customise our own complete Mastercam Interface. To find Mastercam Option dialogue please follow the steps below: With the options window open, you can navigate through the various tabs and change your Mastercam Interface to your own liking. With a more efficient interface, every programmer should have an even better experience from within Mastercam. … Read More

Year-End Message from the MECAD Mastercam Team

We all know that the past couple of years has been filled with many unique challenges, and when this year started, we were nervous for the unknown, but also excited for the new challenges ahead. Next thing you know there is a war in Ukraine, fuel prices are through the roof and loadshedding hits us worse than ever. Not to mention the crime rate and political challenges we face every day. Manufacturing companies were put under immense strain and a … Read More

Mastercam Mill-Turn Machine Simulations

The MECAD team has been working closely with Mastercam to test the mill-turn product at some of our customers. We’re very excited about this product and see tremendous value in the machine simulation and post benefits available. In short, each machine environment is specifically created for that machine, and enables full control of the machine through Mastercam. Control parameters like specific M&G-codes, waiting commands, air and coolant commands, synchronisation between spindles, turrets and steady rests. All are effortlessly controlled and … Read More


MAXIMIZE PROFITS BY UTILIZING SIGMANEST TIME-SAVING FEATURES In today’s scope of the manufacturing industry, the biggest hurdle to overcome is time. Every company strives to deliver orders as quickly as possible, to maximize possible profits. Time wasted during the beginning of the process is often overlooked, where creating parts, nesting, and right through to cutting can sometimes take days depending on the scale of orders. Within the SigmaSUITE there are a lot of unique and bespoke features and modules that … Read More

The Mastercam feature no one knows about: Art

My purpose for writing this blog is to introduce CAM users to the powerful Mastercam Art feature which encourages designers and manufacturers, to new possibilities for creating 3D organic reliefs. Mastercam Art allows the user to create a machinable 3D model from a 2D image or sketch. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the most underrated features in Mastercam. Art is simple to set up, and it communicates your complex geometry into specialized toolpaths. Imagine machining your favourite family … Read More

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