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SigmaNEST Installation GuideUse the following steps to install SigmaNEST on one or more systems.Note: If you are upgrading an existing version of SigmaNEST, follow the instructions in the section onUpgrade Installation first, then return to this section when prompted. Log into a Windows account with Admin rights. From the SigmaNEST installation package that you downloaded, run Startup.exe. The SigmaTEK installer window opens. Click SigmaNEST. Select your language from the drop-down menu, then click OK to start the InstallAware Wizard. Read … Read More

Operation not supported on selected printer

Are you struggling to change the printer used by SigmaNEST to print out a Layout Detail Report, Quote, or Detailed Parts? Follow these steps to manually change the printer used in SigmaNEST: Tools Help > File Manager > INI Folder 2. Open SNData.ini with Notepad 3. Search for TextPrinterName > Change the printer’s name and save

How to easily orientate a lathe part.

Now we all have been there. You get a model from a customer or someone in your company and they drew it in on a different axis system or gave you the part straight from an assembly, causing it to be orientated weirdly or awkwardly. Now you, who do not even have enough time to program the part, have to pull off some ninja special guru orientation moves to get it into your Top plane. In this article, I want … Read More

CIMCO Software as Industry 4.0 Middleware

Guest author: Joe Hackman As you might have guessed, there is no magic box for Industry 4.0. It is and will be a concept like True North in the Toyota Production System – a journey, not a destination. Along the way, we’ll understand that connecting various systems is hard work, and many unique challenges will be faced. We have legacy platforms, duplicate/conflicting standards, niche vendors, proprietary systems, hardware, and software. Due to this reality, we must get as good at … Read More

Speed Programming in Mastercam 2021

So, you use the same cutting tools and toolpaths to do your roughing and your finishing operations time and time again. After a long time of fine-tuning parameters and settings in Mastercam, you are finally happy with the results you are getting. Ever wondered if there was a faster way to get your part programmed in Mastercam? What if you could re-use those honed toolpaths over and over from part to part by simply selecting your new part’s geometry and … Read More

Do you have a Decision Support System?

Mecad Manufacturing is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. We can provide you with a Decision Support System which forms part of our Business Solution Packages. We are now able to use both historic and current data to not only show you what you have done, but also where you are heading, in the form of Dashboards. Let us elaborate a bit more… The Profile Cutting industry has evolved quite a bit. From the good old Flame Cutting machine to … Read More

Old Mastercam vs New Mastercam

Have you ever wondered why Mastercam users tend to stick to the same old version instead of moving to the latest available version? This is a common situation we find in the industry of Manufacturing and Engineering today. Sometimes it is the belief of “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” or in some cases it is the cost of moving to the latest. Maybe it is simply just about the transition or the time it takes on learning something … Read More

The POWER of SigmaNEST

If you have SigmaNEST then you already NEST with the BEST. SigmaNEST is the world leader in Nesting Software and is known for its capabilities in achieving the required results that the fabrication industry desire. For many users of SigmaNEST, it is known as a nesting software and in many cases, users do not realise the VALUE and POWER that is within their SigmaNEST software. SigmaNEST is more than just a nesting software and has functionality that will add value … Read More

Have you made any backups?

SigmaNEST makes use of a Microsoft SQL database and sometimes there can be a connection issue between the SigmaNEST workstation and the database. If you are just getting started, please follow this guide for setting up a new database. Manually connecting Sometimes SigmaNEST doesn’t automatically connect to the database, or you might need to change or manually connect to a database. Follow this guide for changing databases. After you are finished, however, you may see one or both of these error messages: … Read More

One-Man Shop Off to the Races

David Gilbert became so good at making difficult parts that his one-man garage-based operation, started in 1989, had burgeoned into a 10-person, 12-machine shop by 2007. At this point, managing the shop was taking all of his time away from what he loved doing best, making challenging parts. So, Gilbert sold the business and went back to his one-man shop. Gilbert’s expertise in making geometrically complex 3D components brought him business from a wide range of esoteric sources including universities … Read More

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