The Dongle end-of-life

Many CAD/CAM software products have made use of HASP dongles as license activation methods. SigmaNEST was no different. Long-term users of SigmaNEST most probably have been using these dongles for many years and until recently without problem or concern. As technology and operating systems develop, so does the software that is incorporated with IT infrastructure. With the latest versions of SigmaNEST, dongles have completely been phased out and replaced by Software License Keys. SigmaNEST users that are on an active … Read More

The POWER of SigmaNEST

If you have SigmaNEST then you already NEST with the BEST. SigmaNEST is the world leader in Nesting Software and is known for its capabilities in achieving the required results that the fabrication industry desire. For many users of SigmaNEST, it is known as a nesting software and in many cases, users do not realise the VALUE and POWER that is within their SigmaNEST software. SigmaNEST is more than just a nesting software and has functionality that will add value … Read More