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SigmaNEST Installation GuideUse the following steps to install SigmaNEST on one or more systems.Note: If you are upgrading an existing version of SigmaNEST, follow the instructions in the section onUpgrade Installation first, then return to this section when prompted. Log into a Windows account with Admin rights. From the SigmaNEST installation package that you downloaded, run Startup.exe. The SigmaTEK installer window opens. Click SigmaNEST. Select your language from the drop-down menu, then click OK to start the InstallAware Wizard. Read … Read More

Have you made any backups?

SigmaNEST makes use of a Microsoft SQL database and sometimes there can be a connection issue between the SigmaNEST workstation and the database. If you are just getting started, please follow this guide for setting up a new database. Manually connecting Sometimes SigmaNEST doesn’t automatically connect to the database, or you might need to change or manually connect to a database. Follow this guide for changing databases. After you are finished, however, you may see one or both of these error messages: … Read More

Data type mismatch in criteria expression part II

This Month’s Technical Blog follows the previous Blog Monica Pieterse did. Microsoft products and report printing not working after SigmaNEST upgrade? If your Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) has stopped working after an upgrade of your SigmaNEST software, or if you are getting an Access Violation or External Exception error when trying to print reports within SigmaNEST, it may be because of an incompatibility between 64-bit SigmaNEST and 32-bit Microsoft products. To solve these issues: Download Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010, 64-bit to a folder on … Read More

Missing Parts

Parts missing from parts list If all or some of your parts seem to be missing from the Parts List, here are a few ways to get them back. The most common reasons for this issue are that you are connecting to the same parts from multiple versions of SigmaNEST or you have not subdivided your parts folder, and have too many parts stored in a single folder. Rebuild the parts index In every folder in which SigmaNEST parts are stored, … Read More