Integrate, Automate and Dominate

As a Manufacturing company, you know what it feels like to be pressed for time, to make sure all processes are correct and in place. Lastly, to ensure that everyone is on par and knows what to do. Frequently Asked Questions we get from our Customers: Am I costing this project correctly? I don’t know if I have the capacity to do the project? Have I planned correctly? Do I have enough stock, time, and manpower to complete this project … Read More

Do you have a Decision Support System?

Mecad Manufacturing is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. We can provide you with a Decision Support System which forms part of our Business Solution Packages. We are now able to use both historic and current data to not only show you what you have done, but also where you are heading, in the form of Dashboards. Let us elaborate a bit more… The Profile Cutting industry has evolved quite a bit. From the good old Flame Cutting machine to … Read More