Multiaxis Machining 101: How It Works and Its Benefits

As automation and Industry 4.0 take the manufacturing world by storm, multiaxis machining is becoming a common topic of discussion in shops globally. The reason? Multiaxis machining enables faster, more complex machining with less human labor. What is Multiaxis Machining? Traditional milling has been around for over 200 years, but 3-axis milling was not invented until 1861, when Brown & Sharpe created the Universal Milling Machine. This machine, as with all traditional 3-axis milling machines, could move in three linear directions. Machining … Read More

Three Ways Mastercam 2022 Saves You CNC Machining Time

Time is money, and Mastercam 2022 is built with new, user-driven advancements that can help any programmer—regardless of the size of their shop—shave off time spent machining. Explore three new ways Mastercam 2022 can help you save CNC machining time. 1. Updates to 3D High Speed Dynamic OptiRough Mastercam’s proprietary Dynamic Motion technology has been saving user’s programming and machining time for over a decade. These contemporary machining strategies are designed to keep a tool in an optimum cutting condition, where it is shearing … Read More

How Mastercam OptiRough Can Save You Hours of CNC Programming Time

CNC programmers spend a portion of their time in an office environment programming complicated parts before they can be machined. Reducing programming time frees up CNC programmers to program more parts and allows them to be more hands-on throughout the machining process. Thanks to the updates with Mastercam OptiRough in our latest release, more CNC programmers have access to this time-saving tool. What is Mastercam OptiRough? The Dynamic OptiRough in Mastercam 2022 is the same widely-used and trusted technology that users have been employing … Read More

Why use Offline Robot Programming Software and how to get started

If you have added manufacturing robots to your facility, you are already aware of the advantages they provide and the ROI. Robots do have a downside, however, when it comes to programming—most of the time, they must be offline to be updated or programmed, which means production delays and lost revenue. One solution is to use Offline Robot Programming Software (OLP), which allows you to generate robotic code and then upload it to the robots without any downtime. Since it’s … Read More

Behind-the-Scenes In the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab

The Mastercam Manufacturing Lab is an essential testing ground for immediate and hands-on feedback. We run toolpaths and prove out new techniques in similar conditions to what you face every day. We regularly cycle through new equipment so we can replicate a variety of shop conditions and capabilities. From multiaxis milling machines and mill-turns to routers, lathes, and Swiss machines, we test a breadth of machines from a variety of manufacturers—from the latest, top-of-the-line machine tools to common workhorse machines. … Read More

CIMCO goes to HEL

With machines running round the clock, lights-out and hundreds of orders being despatched daily, HEL Performance was struggling with keeping NC programs safe and organised. Over the last two decades HEL® Performance has proven itself as an industry leader in brake line manufacturing and gained a solid reputation for both their quality and service. However, with machines running round the clock, lights-out and hundreds of orders being despatched daily, HEL Performance was struggling with keeping NC programs safe and organised – and … Read More

5 New Mastercam 2022 Features You Need to Know

Meet Mastercam 2022. You spoke, and we listened. Since the release of Mastercam 2021, the Mastercam User Experience team has surveyed countless users, conducted usability tests inside and outside of Mastercam headquarters, and spent hours and hours trying to reduce mouse miles. The result is Mastercam 2022—a powerful new release driven largely by customer feedback. Now we invite you to explore the features that you requested—like more advanced roughing in 2D machining and improved workability with meshes—and to find out … Read More

CIMCO Edit Mill-Turn and 2022 Beta released

We are happy to announce that two new versions of CIMCO Edit have been released for beta testing: CIMCO Edit Mill-Turn and CIMCO Edit 2022. With these versions we wish to give our users the opportunity to test drive our new Mill-Turn simulation and the next major version of our editor – CIMCO Edit 2022. The Mill-Turn is a temporary version that will eventually be merged with the 2022 version, but for now they are kept separate due to technical … Read More

Verisurf Software on the Mastercam Platform: Expanding Capabilities While Closing the Digital Loop

Today’s manufacturers want and need more seamless integration between design, build, inspection, and reporting. They need a more complete design build solution. These solutions must be clean with continuity of data and support for downstream applications. Verisurf Software has been a Mastercam strategic partner for 25 years, delivering customers quality inspection, reverse engineering, toolmaking, and assembly guidance solutions, all built on top of the Mastercam platform. When Verisurf is activated, it appears in the ribbon bar of Mastercam. This provides a … Read More

Robotmaster V7.4 Now Available

Robot Programming has never been faster, easier, and more efficient. HANOVER, N.H.—March 10, 2021 —Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announced the release of Robotmaster Version 7.4. This newly released offline robot programming software version contains several enhancements designed to further simplify robotic programming, including: Major enhancements to Remote Tool Center Point (RTCP) that allow for an improved end user experience and exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell. Additions to the surface paths … Read More

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